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New Extra Large Food Safe Bucket

When you scale up a bucket to hold 20 litres of food and beverage ingredients, the bucket becomes more than just a bucket. With its hygienic design and premium-quality, durable materials, the Vikan 20 Litre Bucket is a multi-purpose powerhouse you’ll find yourself using everywhere.

Quality and durability you come to expect

Like all Vikan products, the 20 Litre Bucket is made from premium-quality, highly durable materials that are all approved for use in the food and beverages industry.

Mix ingredients with speed and ease

The 20 Litre Bucket is an ideal “mixing station”, where you can mix ingredients stored in smaller Vikan buckets or in multiple 20 Litre Buckets. The bucket is perfect for solid or liquid ingredients, and its optimised size and shape make it large enough to meet all your mixing needs, but small enough for safe lifting and transport. Features like the bottom handle and a rounded rim and lip also facilitate ergonomic, no-spill lifting and pouring. And durable bevelled measurements inside help you measure more accurately.


Quality and durability you come to expect

A 20-litre capacity makes the 20 Litre Bucket a very useful storage solution for liquid or solid ingredients and mixtures. Add in a stackable design and portability, and you get storage that can save space and time. As space is a challenge in most production facilities, Vikan made the 20 Litre Bucket stackable. Stack two buckets on top of each other, and effectively double the amount of ingredients you can store per square metre of storage space.

Move more, more easily

The 20 Litre Bucket is made to move, either by yourself or with a colleague using the ergonomically designed side handles. When carrying lighter loads, use the comfortable over-moulded grip on the steel handle. When moving heavier loads, team up with a colleague and use the sturdy side handles.

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