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Remove condensation with Vikan Squeegee


Condensation tool improves food and beverage hygiene at the point of production.Vikan, the leader in advanced hygienic cleaning solutions, introduces a revolutionary condensation removal tool for use in food and beverage production areas.

The Vikan Condensation Squeegee is an innovative, patented system that safely removes and drains condensation from ceilings, pipes and ducts even while the production line is operational.

This system effectively extends production time to improve profitability while delivering full HACCP compliance. Operation of the ergonomically designed, lightweight   tool is simple. The moisture is collected by a flexible, rubber-lipped head   on a fixed or telescopic handle and discharged into either a bottle or onto the floor via a hose.

The furthermost rubber lip is placed against the flat or   curved horizontal surface and, as the squeegee is pulled towards the operator,   the condensation is literally wicked away to leave the surface dry. When combined with handle and bottle, the condensation squeegee is excellent for   sampling condensed water on ceilings to measure the content of bacteria.

Available in green, blue, red, white and yellow, the condensation squeegee is the latest product   in the Vikan hygiene system® colour-coded range, which is designed to improve a company’s internal hygiene control and make it easier to maintain their HACCP system. Fully colour-coded cleaning tools minimise the risk of cross-contamination between different   areas of the factory.

They also motivate hygienic behaviour as it has been shown that using tools with coloured backs and bristles promotes staff confidence, and a greater inclination to regularly use and then replace the tools correctly.

Wells provides a free colour-zoning service for customers as part of the hygiene system programme. Dividing the production premises into visually separated zones based on activity, and assigning each zone its own colour of cleaning tools and hanging brackets, can eliminate the most fundamental cause of cross-contamination. 

For more information please call 03 9699 8999 (AUS) or 09 263 9332 (NZ) to place an order.

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