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Detectable Suction Cups, Hard, Ø40 mm w/ 14 mm Hole, 100 Pk

Vacuum depanner belts with silicone suction cups are widely used throughout the baking industry as a fast and effective method of extracting bakery products from oven pans. The heat and speed of this process results in inevitable wear on the silicone suction cups. BST metal detectable silicone suction cups are designed to reduce the risk of silicone fragments contaminating food products during the depanning process.

BST suction cups contain an evenly dispersed metal detectable additive, making the cup and its fragments detectable by correctly calibrated in line metal detection systems. Their metal detectable properties and extensive food contact approvals make BST metal detectable suctions cups the ideal vacuum depanner suction cup. Our cups are available in a variety of styles to suit different applications, hard cups for bread loafs, soft cups for morning goods such as pastries, and extra wide soft cups for muffins.

BST metal detectable suction cups are a cost effective solution for preventing contamination, cost far less than product wastage and definitely less than a damaged reputation due to a product recall.

Product Name: Hard Suction Cup (40mm)
Cup Material: Silicone with metal detectable additive
Cup Rim: Plain
Cup Colour: Blue
Diameter: 40mm
Height: 40mm
Hole Size: 14mm (To fit BST Standard & Double Decker Retainer Clips)
Suitability: Hard suction cups are a slightly stronger and more rigid detectable suction cups, with thier plain rim they’re suitable for large, heavy bread loaves.

Product Code 57/MDSCH403
Metal Detectable YES

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