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Implement Wells 5S Hygiene System as part of your continuous improvement program and improve productivity, prevent cross contamination and maximise compliance.

Wells through its team of experienced and trained staff has successfully assisted many companies 5S implementations in the area of hygiene and standardization of cleaning / food product handling processes.

Should your organization be considering implementation of 5S, please give Wells a call to discuss the role of the Vikan hygiene system, and their associated value added services.

These services include:

  • Training presentations tailored to your organisation
  • Customized signage for equipment/tools.
  • Unique and clever storage systems.
  • Follow-up service and ongoing after sales support.

The 5S’s lead to improved processes and ultimately:

  • Reduced set-up times
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Increased floor space
  • Lower safety incident/accident rate
  • Less wasted labor
  • Better equipment reliability

To discuss your requirements call 03 9699 8999 (AUS) or 09 263 9332 (NZ) or complete our online enquiry form.

1. Sort:
Clearing up your workplace, keeping  only what you need.

2. Set in Order:
Organise, identify and arrange everything in your workplace.

3. Shine
Regularly clean and maintain your equipment and work environment.

4. Standardise
Make sure everyone is doing the same thing in the same way.

5. Sustain
Ensure adherence to the system to maintain a safe and efficient workplace.

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