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Biofinder, Biofilm Detection Solution, 500 ml


Biofinder reacts specifically in the presence of biofilms for clear & rapid detection of contaminated surfaces.

Rapid detection, within 30 seconds!

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a group of bacteria which adhere to eachother, once this is done they go on to adhere to any surface. When adhesion is taking place, we can see that microorganisms product highly sticky microfilaments, really sticky mucus. These microorganisms continue forming filaments, and at the same time they multiply until a real community is formed. In such a community consisting of hundreds of millions or billions stuck to eachother they are going to exchange nutrients, humidity, water and something even more dangerous generic material. This is a form of resistance. This is how these microorganisms survive in extreme environments. The use of standard cleaning products and disinfectants can not penetrate them.

What is Biofinder, and how does it work?

When we want to check if there’s an important threat we won’t be able to detect biofilms with the human eye, they go totally unnoticed – this poses as a big risk to public health.

Biofinder works as a “finder” of biological films. This detects harmful microorganisms even where a simple visual check fails. It is a product of ITRAM HIGIENE. Biofinder was awarded the prize of PREMIS INNOVACAT 2014 for the best invention of the year.

  • Fast and efficient detection of biofilms caused by bacteria, including Listeria, Salmonella, E coli and Staphylococcus.
  • Biofinder is safe to use, non staining, leaves no residue and rinses easily.
  • Contamination is detected within 30 seconds of application.
  • Biofinder is extremely cost effective and significantly strengthens your validation process.

Heavy contamination is indicated within 10 seconds, mild contamination within 30 seconds. A surface can be contaminated with microorganisms such as Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella spp, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, aureus. Cronobacter sakazakii and others that can cause serious disorders.

More about BioFinder and Biofilms

When we want to check if there’s an important threat we won’t be able to detect biofilms with the human eye, they go totally unnoticed – this poses as a big risk to public health.

  • Biofinder is product designed to easily identify biofilms and microorganisms.
  • It consists of a series of solutions, chemicals products and reagents, which in the presence of active micororganisims decompose the reagent which produce hydrogen peroxide and thus releasing oxygen bubbles which forms foam – for quick identification of a contaminated surface.
  • In seconds we have a positive result, confirming the presence of biofilms for action to be taken.
  • Biofinder has an orange colouring, which provides a contrast background so to bring out the white foam to make it easily visible to the human eye.
  • The colouring won’t stain the surface making it possible to use the product on any surface and in any type of industry.

Biofilm detection solution

The presence of biofilms on working surfaces within processing operations is the main cause of contamination of the final product. BioFinder reacts in the presence of biofilms so you can immediately spot any contaminated areas by a simple visual inspection just after spraying BioFinder on the facilities’ surfaces.

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