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Biofinder, Enzy Jet foaming Enzymatic detergent 5Lt

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Biofilm REMOVAL is a mixture of solutions specifically designed to eradicate biofilm from any open surfaces

Enzymatic treatment for open surfaces


Enzymatic detergent specially designed for the control and removal of biofilms.

Its foaming single-component formulation makes it possible for this product to be used on open surfaces by means of foaming cleaning equipment.

It is an effective product which facilitates the removal of biofilms. It can be used on its own, or with BIO JET, in accordance with the type of treatment.

Bio Jet is used together with ENZY JET / ENZY JET PLUS. The combination of these products effectively contributes to the removal of biofilms.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a group of bacteria which adhere to eachother, once this is done they go on to adhere to any surface. When adhesion is taking place, we can see that microorganisms product highly sticky microfilaments, really sticky mucus. These microorganisms continue forming filaments, and at the same time they multiply until a real community is formed. In such a community consisting of hundreds of millions or billions stuck to eachother they are going to exchange nutrients, humidity, water and something even more dangerous generic material. This is a form of resistance. This is how these microorganisms survive in extreme environments. The use of standard cleaning products and disinfectants can not penetrate them.

How do you REMOVE biofilm?

Advantages of our product

  • Neutral pH
  • Non corrosive effects on the materials of the surfaces
  • Low risk of exposure for the staff
  • Easily biodegradable composition, environmentally friendly
  • Effective removal of biofilms
  • Prevents the recurrence and spread of biofilms
  • Help in preventing costly contamination
  • Enhanced cleaning efficiency
  • Enzymes activate water purification processes thanks to their continuous action at a later stage

  • All Biofilm hygiene products come with complete HSDS and appropriate approvals to comply with stringent HDCCP requirements.

Biofilm detection solution

The presence of biofilms on working surfaces within processing operations is the main cause of contamination of the final product. BioFinder reacts in the presence of biofilms so you can immediately spot any contaminated areas by a simple visual inspection just after spraying BioFinder on the facilities’ surfaces.

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