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Detectable Mini Asset Tag Holder, Blue

These Dual Detectable Mini Asset Management Tag Holders are designed for areas where there is restricted space. They are great for use on cables, smaller machinery or on fall arrest equipment. With no insert in place the message ‘Do not use this equipment’ is displayed. Designed with the user in mind, all of our Tag Holders can be fixed using Cable Ties, Rivets, Adhesive Strips, Glue and the Mini Asset Tag Holders also have a hole suitable for a keyring or a split ring. Each holder also has a ‘break’ in the edge wall to allow for easy removal of the insert.

Tag Specification:
Height: 82mm
Width: 36mm
Depth: 6mm
Material: XDetect

Insert Specification:
Height: 47mm
Width: 31mm
Depth: 0.5mm
Material: Polypropylene

Product Code57/AMMT3DB
Metal & X-Ray DetectableYes

To request a material datasheet for this product please call +61 3 9699 8999 (AUS) +64 9 263 9332 (NZ) or complete the product enquiry form on this page.

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