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Vikan Hand Scraper Stainless Steel, 50mm, Threaded Handle

Good for removing sticky, semi-liquid deposit, like dough, confectionary gels/pastes, soft chocolate, cheese etc. as these would clog a brush very quickly. Is good for removing dried or burnt on deposits, like hardened chocolate, caramel, dried/burnt bakery debris, compacted dried powders or powders that have become stuck to a surface, dried/burnt meat, fish or vegetable deposits etc. because they enable the user to exert more mechanical force against the dried on soil than can be achieved with a brush.

Slightly rounded blade corners to avoid damage to the surface being cleaned and operator injury.

Stainless Steel blade fixed securely into a polypropylene grip.

Threaded grip to enable any Vikan colour coded handle to be screwed into the grips which allows cleaning of difficult to reach areas eg inside equipment, on floors or at height.

Vikan Hand Scraper 50mm, stainless steel and threaded extendable models
Hand Scraper With Threaded Handle – Narrow

Dimensions 50mm
Material PP, SS
Temperature (°C) 121
Product Code 28/4010+
FDA Approved YES

To request a material datasheet for this product please call +61 3 9699 8999 (AUS) +64 9 263 9332 (NZ) or complete the product enquiry form on this page.

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