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Vikan Microfibre Bendable Duster Sleeve

Vikan Interior Mop fits product 17/E377018 (Interior mop holder) and is ideal for dusting small spaces and hard to reach surfaces. The micro fibres pick up dust; dirt and hairs using static electricity when the mop is used dry. Slightly dampened the mop loosens dirt and grease. Can be used for high level cleaning by using any Vikan-click telescopic handle.

Vikan Interior Mop, 550 mm

Use with bendable duster

Material80% Pes / 20% PA (100% microfiber)
Temperature (°C)95
Product Code17/E548400

* Assorted colours available

To request a material datasheet for this product please call +61 3 9699 8999 (AUS) +64 9 263 9332 (NZ) or complete the product enquiry form on this page.

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