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Vikan Long Handled Open Dustpan & Broom Set

Vikan Long Handled Open Lobby Pan & Broom is designed for quick and easy sweeping into the dustpan. There is a lip on the front of the lobby pan which is raised to assist with keeping debris inside the pan. The rear and side walls are high enough to hold a large capacity dirt and debris.

The Lobby Pan Broom (28/3103+) is made to sweep both wet and dry surfaces with 2 filament diameters which give a great sweeping quality. There is also a scraping edge on the broom to help remove stubborn debris, and the bristles under the scraper are angled to assist sweeping near walls and corners.

Vikan Dustpan, 330mm

Dimensions H 960mm x D230mm x W330mm
Material PP, AA
Temperature (°C) 121
Product Code 28B/5662S+
FDA / EU Approved YES


To request a material datasheet for this product please call +61 3 9699 8999 (AUS) +64 9 263 9332 (NZ) or complete the product enquiry form on this page.

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