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Vikan Crevice Scrub Brush

Vikan Crevice Brush

Ideal to reach areas under & between equipment
Perfect for cleaning grout between tiles

Introducing the Crevice Scrub, with a V-shaped filament pattern, differentiated filament thicknesses and a detachable swivel head. The crevice scrub is suitable for cleaning difficult to reach areas under and between equipment since the handle can be positioned parallel to the floor.

The filaments are placed in an arrow shape that ensures are very efficient cleaning of even small cracks and crevices. The middle row of filaments are stiffer than the other filaments to form a very stiff scrubbing brush.

Crevice Scrub Extra Stiff

  • Ergonomic swivel function for detail cleaning under cabinets, tables & equipment

  • Hygienically designed clip fit handle for easy removal & thorough cleaning
  • Stiffer filaments in the centre of the brush head loosen dirt & food particles
  • The V shape makes sure you get into every nook & cranny
Vikan Crevice Scrub Brush
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