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We partner with global leaders to bring you the highest quality hygiene, cleaning, food safety and dairy equipment and solutions.

Wells is the exclusive distributor of Vikan products in Australia and New Zealand. Made in Denmark, Vikan hygiene system® is one of the most comprehensive systems in the world created for manual cleaning and food handling. Over 100 years of research and design, extensive global approvals and awards, makes Vikan the global leader.

Manufactured in the UK, BST Teasdale’s (BST) range of metal and x-ray detectable products was the first and remains the best quality range in Australia and New Zealand. Led by the award winning Detectapen®, Wells and BST offer over 200 products aimed at reducing foreign object risks.

Bespoke designed and manufactured in Australia and New Zealand, the Wells 5S Shadow Board signage and storage systems can provide you with an simple and easy to follow identification system to help you maintain a safe an efficient workplace. Fully customisable, Wells can design and manufacture specifically to meet your factory and GMP requirements.

Made in Sweden, the Toolflex® Professional System represents one of the most comprehensive and ‘clever’ yet simple range of colour coded tool holders. Available in a range of sizes and configurations, Wells can solve any tool storage situation.

For over 30 years, Meritech have been designing and manufacturing innovative technology to automate human hygiene. They have been creating innovative automated handwashing stations and footwear hygiene technology to ensure hygiene excellence.

ELKA was founded in 1958, they produce high performance garments for the Food Processing, Agriculture and Fishing Industries. ELKA strive to give their customer a total solution as supplier of quality waterproof clothing.

Biofilm Remove, from Itram Hygiene, offer innovative methods for the microbiological monitoring of surfaces; application, dosage and control systems; kits for the detection of biofilms. BioFinder is a highly innovative method for validating environmental surface hygiene.

Bereket milking machines, milking systems and BRK milking equipment are used in more than 40 countries worldwide by dedicated and quality-conscious professional dairy farmers.

PRO-WAX, for more than 70 years has developed, manufactured and distributed machinery to the world wide chocolate and cheese waxing industry. Making flexible, reliable and efficient chocolate and cheesewaxing processing equipment. They make your cheese waxing 4 times faster.

Jacson3 Limited, a family-owned, Waikato-based business with rural roots and heartland values. We know that clean and disinfected boots and footwear is just one aspect of good farm biosecurity planning and practice. And it’s an important one.

Netherlands based Paramelt has over 120 years of experience in cheese coatings and today is a global producer of high quality wax blends, adhesives and specialty dispersions. WRD Wells are exclusive importers of Paradip® cheese wax in Australia. Our 35 years partnership has seen Wells become Australia’s biggest distributor of cheese wax. Wells also offers Paracoat® and other cheese coating consumables.

Miele Professional is the global leader of commercial laundry, dishwashing and disinfection equipment. Miele Professional Washer-disinfectors are available for successfully cleaning and decontaminating all hygiene and food handling tools supplied by Wells.

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