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Vikan Heavy Duty Dust Mop

Heavy Duty Dust Mop

Superior dust pick-up and retention. Ergonomic design This heavy duty dust mop allows for superior dust pick-up and retention and eliminates the need for mop treatment. The Dust Mop is machine…

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Ultra Hygienic Pipe Brush

Ideal to remove repository of dirt/food contaminants. Break through the Barriers to Better Hygiene with the new One-Piece Pipe Brush from Vikan Manufactured with no joint between the handle and brush head, the brush…

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Vikan Crevice Scrub Brush

Ideal to reach areas under & between equipment Perfect for cleaning grout between tiles Introducing the Crevice Scrub, with a V-shaped filament pattern, differentiated filament thicknesses and a detachable swivel head.…

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