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Colour coding helps ensure greater food safety by making it easier to more effectively separate processes, zones and equipment in your food production setup and thus minimise cross-contamination.

Colour coding can be embedded into your work processes as a natural part of your Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), or as a proactive risk reduction step as part of your HACCP prerequisite programme.

  • You minimise the risk of your products becoming contaminated with microorganisms, allergens or foreign bodies by separating steps, sections and areas in the food production process
  • You reduce the risk and cost of product rejection and recall as there is a lower risk of cross-contamination in your finished products
  • You speed up your processes by ensuring equipment is easy to locate and kept in the right place. This approach is also in line with the HACCP principles on monitoring and checking
  • You remove misunderstandings. A colour coding system is easy to understand and learn – irrespective of language skills
  • You improve safety by promoting a culture that encourages employees to take ownership of their equipment and work zones
  • You extend the service life of your equipment by ensuring it is stored correctly on hooks, hangers or shadow boards
  • You reduce costs linked to replacing equipment, because it lasts longer
  • You reduce the quantity of tools and equipment used in food production
  • You create a neat, well-ordered work area, with a clearly visible focus on food safety. This makes an attractive impression on customers, authorities, auditors and other visitors

Use colour-blind friendly combinations.
1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colour-blind. Use different shades and contrasts to make it easier for colour-blind staff to differentiate colours. If in doubt, take a photo of the colours and convert the photo into black and white. If you can tell the difference, the shade differentiation is strong enough.

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Source: WR&D Wells partner Vikan A/S website

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