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Workplace Site Survey

A Wells Site Survey is a comprehensive review of your entire hygiene operations with a view to identify and solve hygiene problems before the auditors find them. Free of charge and 100% confidential.

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To learn what a Wells Site Survey can do for you, keep reading…

What We Look For

Workplace Site Survey - Colour Coding Guide

1. Colour coding system

Every Wells Site Survey starts with a thorough assessment of your current colour coding system and cleaning tool inventory.

Workplace Site Survey - Regulatory compliance

2. Regulatory compliance

Moving from workstation to workstation, we’ll check documented compliance with applicable cleaning tool standards, including “approved for food contact,” FSSC 22000, IFS and BRC.

Workplace Site Survey - Gaps and optimisations

3. Gaps and optimisations

For each location, we identify missing tools and provide recommendations for maintenance, replacement schedules and optimised practices.

Workplace Site Survey - Better tools for the job

4. Better tools for the job?

If there’s a better tool available for a certain job, we’ll let you know and, where possible, give you a chance to try our recommended solution for free.

Workplace Site Survey - Cleaning tool storage

5. Cleaning tool storage

To promote good hygiene practices and extend the life of your colour-coded products, we help ensure that your cleaning tools are stored correctly.

Why Schedule Your Workplace Site Survey

Improve & standardise your setup

Complete cleaning tool overview

Colour coding system

Prepare effectively for audits

Solve cleaning challenges

Increase hygiene awareness

Audit ready

If you have a factory audit scheduled for the near future, you’ll naturally want to satisfy auditors and earn a stamp of approval for your hygiene operations.

A Wells Site Survey is a great way to improve the certainty of passing – and in fact to move beyond just passing audits to getting ahead of the field as a hygiene leader. A Site Survey involves a thorough inspection of your plant with a view to identifying and solving hygiene problems before the auditors find them.

Wells 5S Systems

Wells can also advise and help you implement GMP / 5S to your hygiene and food safety management plan.

Wells custom made 5S shadow boards are a significant tool for operational efficiency & safety, cross-contamination prevention and meeting compliance regulation.

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is aimed at identifying and preventing hazards primarily in the food processing industry.

HACCP & Colour Coding
Workplace Site Survey Report

Your report includes

Survey summary
Location overview
Factory layout colour coding plan
Wells recommendations
Suggested order form
Follow-up survey proposal

Schedule your Free Site Survey today

Wells Site Survey is the best way for food factories, processing plants, pharmaceutical and other food & beverage facilities to keep hygiene standards up, pass plant audits and keep products healthy and safe within Australia and New Zealand.

Workplace Site Survey Report
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