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Vikan Cleaning & Hygiene Equipment

All of Vikan’s food-industry specific ‘high hygiene’ tools are made of FDA compliant materials and can be washed at high temperatures to eliminate germs and bacteria. All equipment is durable, ergonomic and fully moulded to guarantee easy cleaning.

The Vikan Hygiene System®

Vikan Hygiene System® is one of the most comprehensive systems in the   world created for manual cleaning and food handling.

Vikan hygiene system® includes more than 140 different cleaning tools avilable in 5 or 6 colours, which are all tailor-made for the specific cleaning jobs in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries and similar sectors, where heavy are made on hygiene. All products are autoclavable and are made of FDA-approved materials.

Colour Coded Cleaning Zones

Good cleaning routines are very important to ensure good hygiene – in fact cleaning is always a critical control point in all Self Monitoring/HACCP systems.

One of the most important issues is the prevention of cross-contamination. A division of the production premises into visually separated zones where each zone has its own colour of cleaning tools can   minimize the risk of cross-contamination. It is not appropriate to clean   table surfaces with the same brush with which you a few minutes before   cleaned your boots or the floor.

Colour Coded Cleaning Tools

Cross-contamination means that one food product has contaminated the other such as when meat juices drip on to raw vegetables. Therefore there is a need for systems which promote hygienic behavior. Control of food hygiene has become more topical.

Cleaning tools can spread bacteria from room to room if they are used in several phases of production, or used for widely different purposes, such as using the same tools for knives, boots and protective aprons.

To make it easier to ensure this does not happen, tools which are visually distinct should be used. Vikan has developed a colour coding system from which all cleaning tools can be bought in a particular colour. 

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