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Work on the first BRC Global Standard began in 1996, when UK retailers realized that on the issue of food safety.

There were many advantages to sharing experience and developing robust systems together. The first issue of the BRC Global Standard – Food was published in 1998.

Its success led to continued co-operation between UK Trade Bodies, with the encouragement of the UK Government, to develop an approach to a number of other issues. This led to the publication of BRC Global Standards for packaging, identity preserved non-genetically modified food ingredients and consumer products.

Each Standard was developed under the leadership of the BRC, and its members. Contributions came from representatives from major retailers, manufacturers, certification bodies, trade associations and other groups.

The development of the BRC Global Standards was initially driven by the need to meet legislative requirements of the EU General Product Safety Directive and the UK Food Safety Act, but was quickly seen as having significant benefits to the suppliers of product to UK retailers and subsequently, European and Global retailers. In addition to this the range of users has now expanded to catering

BRC in Australia

Whilst originating in the UK, the BRC standards have become widely accepted and adopted. Within Australia, Coles has introduced third party evaluation of their suppliers in line with BRC standards, which means many suppliers have had to tighten their internal standards to meet these stringent but reasonable requirements.

The BRC Food Standard was developed by UK retailers and suppliers some ten years ago in response to concerns by suppliers regarding multiple audits and differing food safety management standards. In the past ten years the BRC have worked closely with stakeholders to put into place a Standard that reflect best practice requirements within the food manufacturing sector.

The Standard is used in some 67 countries and the BRC has always actively encouraged evaluation by locally based Certification Bodies; these include 3 Australian and 3 New Zealand Certification Bodies.

W R & D Wells are pleased to offer suppliers to Coles and all others innovative products which support adherence to BRC Food Safety Standards. One such standard is 3.8.2 which clearly states:

By implementing high quality FDA approved colour coded cleaning and food handling products, food processors, caterers and retailers can show all due diligence in managing their operation to meet this standard.

To discuss your requirements call 03 9699 8999 (AUS) or 09 263 9332 (NZ) or complete our online enquiry form.

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