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Vikan Push Pull Food Hoe

Vikan Push-Pull Food Hoe

Easily move, spread, mix or remove ingredients with this 2-in-1 function food hoe. Vikan's Push-Pull Food Hoe features separate optimised edges and a rugged, hygienic design.

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Detectable Pen

Trace-IT Detectable Pens

The ideal choice for food processing environments. These metal detectable & x-ray visible dual detectable pens are designed specifically for use in the food industry, where minimising the risk of…

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Scraper with flexible steelblade

Ideal for cleaning powder towers including milk powder plants. Ideal for cleaning powder towers and other surfaces where extra force is needed to loosen dirt, this scraper has rounded edges and a flexible steel…

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Vikan Heavy Duty Dust Mop

Heavy Duty Dust Mop

Superior dust pick-up and retention. Ergonomic design This heavy duty dust mop allows for superior dust pick-up and retention and eliminates the need for mop treatment. The Dust Mop is machine…

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Ultra Hygienic Pipe Brush

Ideal to remove repository of dirt/food contaminants. Break through the Barriers to Better Hygiene with the new One-Piece Pipe Brush from Vikan Manufactured with no joint between the handle and brush head, the brush…

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Vikan Crevice Scrub Brush

Ideal to reach areas under & between equipment Perfect for cleaning grout between tiles Introducing the Crevice Scrub, with a V-shaped filament pattern, differentiated filament thicknesses and a detachable swivel head.…

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