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Vikan Seriously Better Brushes

Efficacy - Productivity - Ergonomics - Compliance

Meet every need with Vikan’s new set of mission-optimised hand brushes. A complete set of hygienic, ergonomic handheld washing and scrubbing brushes for the food and beverage industry.

NEW Vikan XL Hand Brush

with a new and improved design

Introducing the new Vikan XL Solid Hand Scrub Brush (Peanut Brush) Code: 28/3894+. This handheld scrubbing brush is 230mm in size and features extra stiff and outwardly flared bristles, making it highly effective for cleaning corners, junctions, and other hard-to-reach places.

The updated design includes a more ergonomic grip, making it easier to hold even when hands are wet or greasy. Originally designed for use in the Food & Beverage Processing Industry, this brush has quickly become a favourite in butcher shops, QSR restaurants, and commercial kitchens!

Chopping tables
Conveyor belts
Cutting boards
Large bowls
Meat processing equipment

Bristle Stiffness: Very Hard
Size: Extra Large 230mm
Code: 28/3894+

Vikan Large Hand Brush

Large hand brush suitable for cleaning chopping tables, conveyor belts, chopping boards, buckets, large vessels, food processing equipment, and hard to access corners.

Bristle Stiffness: Hard
Size: Large 200mm
Code: 28/3890+

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Vikan Medium Hand Brush

Very effective for general purpose hand scrubbing, cleaning food preparation surfaces, chopping boards and food containers.

Bristle Stiffness: Medium
Size: Medium 165mm
Code: 28/3587+

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Vikan Small Hand Brush

Small scrubbing brush for cleaning hands and arms as well as smaller tables, surfaces and containers. Very effective for cleaning small parts on machinery, cutting boards, knives and utensils.

Bristle Stiffness: Hard
Size: Small 130mm
Code: 28/6440+

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