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Hi-absorb microfibre cloth 35x38cm / Pack of 5

Multipurpose, highly absorbent microfibre cloth with the added benefits of PUR coating.

Hi-absorb is a heavyweight microfibre cloth made from a knitted blend of polyester and polyamide yarns.

  • Coated with polyurethane (PUR) to give it a soft and strong chamois-like feel.
  • The fabric is effective at surface cleaning and is especially suited to high gloss surfaces requiring a streak-free finish such as mirrors and metals.
  • The polyurethane coating applied to the Hi-absorb cloth provides better durability and higher absorbency properties.
  • When rinsed, Hi-absorb also releases more dirt particles than standard cloths
  • Lasts longer and is low-lint
  • All with the exceptional cleaning power of microfibre.

Hi-absorb microfibre cloth 35x38cm / Pack of 5
The outstanding rinse results of this cloth makes it an obvious choice for both large scale commercial and domestics cleaning.

Dimensions350mm x 380mm
Temperature (°C)40
Product Code24/103986+
QuantityPack of 5

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