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Paradip Cheese Wax

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Paradip is the leading brand for coloured cheese waxes. Select from a growing range of different coloured waxes to differentiate your cheeses. Paradip cheese waxes are specially formulated waxes used as a coating to protect cheese from mould growth, weight loss and damage during transportation.

Paradip cheese waxes also help to stop (aerobic) ripening of the cheese, prevent maintenance during shelf life and give a distinctive and attractive appearance to the product for superior branding and shelf presence.

To complete your cheese waxing solution accompany Paradip cheese wax with ChocoMa Cheese Waxing Machine (26/MP32AWAX).

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Paradip Cheese Wax, Australia & New Zealand

Product Code 26/210

Some products may contain food grade polymers, colourants or pigments.

To request a material datasheet for this product please call +61 3 9699 8999 (AUS) +64 9 263 9332 (NZ) or complete the product enquiry form on this page.

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