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Vikan’s position regarding the use of silver as a surface antimicrobial

Vikan has investigated the use of silver as a surface antimicrobial technology and decided not to incorporate this additive in our products.

The main reason for this is that incorporating an antimicrobial in a cleaning or food handling tool is only one step in the decontamination process. The antimicrobial silver will only work effectively when the tool is clean (free from visible organic soiling) and it is given enough time, at an appropriate humidity and temperature, to work.

Instead Vikan is focused on providing our customers with hygienically designed tools; and information on the selection, use and maintenance of those tools, to minimise crosscontamination and maximise food safety. Vikan always follows the trends and technologies that support these goals. Vikan also cares about the environment and is concerned about the impact industrial scale use of silver will have on our ecosystem.

Vikan Advancing Hygienic Cleaning

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