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Metal detectable plastics use in cleaning tools and utensils - does it reduce foreign body risk?

Food producers are under increasing pressure from food authorities, auditors and their customers to provide evidence of compliance with all areas of food safety. This includes requests for food safety documentation in relation to the plastic cleaning equipment they use, especially that used in direct contact with food, and on food contact surfaces. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, this documentation can often be difficult to obtain.

New manufacturers of plastic cleaning equipment to the food industry, especially those from China and emerging markets are often unaware of the strict European food contact legislation relating to the use of these products, and neglectful of the appropriate testing or documentation in support of them.

Even established European based equipment manufacturers can fall foul of the requirements, failing to use *food safe materials in the construction of their products, and providing poor or confusing compliance documentation.

Consequently, purchasers of equipment must be aware of the appropriate food contact material requirements, and ensure that they have access to valid, documented evidence of compliance with these.

Read more about the legal requirements and regulations for having cleaning tools food safe.

Debra Smith, Global Hygiene Specialist & Henrik H. Hegelund, Product and Technology Development Manager
Vikan A/S, Rævevej 1, 7800 Skive, Denmark

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