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What are biofilms and how can they be controlled?

Get a better understanding of how Biofilms are formed, why Biofilm is a serious problem in food production, how to control Biofilms, cleaning and disinfection – Best practice

Webinar includes the following key points;

  • What is a biofilm
  • What is needed for biofilm
  • Where can biofilm be found
  • How does biofilm form
  • Biofilms in the food industry
  • When biofilm attack
  • Controlling Biofilms
  • Effective Decontamination
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Decontamination – foaming
  • Decontamination – cleaning
  • Cross Contamination Prevention
  • Hygiene design
  • Why hygienic design
  • How to implement hygienic design
  • Fully moulded brush
  • Good maintenance
  • Cleaning tools
  • Top tips

Biofilm Whitepaper

Vikan Education and Technical Support Manager Amit Kheradia has written the whitepaper “The Role of Manual Cleaning in Biofilm Prevention and Removal“.

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