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QuickCheck™ Cryoscope – Flex

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The only 12 Volt -DC powered (battery) instrument; the portable QC-FLEX is a tool for rural or remote locations off the grid or in areas where AC power is not always reliable.

Bringing you real-time information about added water; when you need it where you need it: Check the bulk tank to monitor for added water caused by improperly drained lines; condensation; etc. Screen milk samples for extraneous water upon pick up at the farm; prior to loading; to confirm compliance with recommended levels.

Optional AC capabilities (w/an external power supply) facilitate use in milk reception; on-farm bottling & dairy processing plants.

APPLICATIONS for Quick Check Cryoscope – Flex
Milking Parlours/Bulk Tanks Check milk collected in the bulk tank to monitor for added water which can be caused by improperly drained milking lines, condensation in the bulk tank etc.
Bulk Tanker Trucks & Milk Trucks Screen milk samples for extraneous water upon pick-up at the farm, at loading, to confirm compliance with minimal levels
Milk Collection Stations Easy to use, accurate, cost-effective screening test for adulteration of raw milk. Easy to use with extremely robust cooling assembly, the QC-FLEX provides results that meet or exceed the accuracy required
Laboratory Rapid, reliable tool for detecting added water in both incoming raw milk and processed products. Dependable, robust, with streamlined user-friendly calibration procedure, the QCFLEX is an ideal HACCP tool for product safety, quality and standardisation.
Research & Development: An excellent resource for standardising formulation and ingredients, QC-FLEX provides essential information for development of value-added dairy products
Dairy Science Studies: User-friendly, simple to use, cost-effective, convenient tool for introducing dairy science technicians and students to testing requirements.

QuickCheck™ Cryoscope – Flex is Portable, Stainless Steel with Cover, AC or DC Power, Precise Test for Added H2O, Results in m°C or m°H, Digital Output for PC or Printer: RS-232 and USB

Product Code30/QC-FLEX
Standard Start-Up Kit includes1 x Portable Freezing-Point Cryoscope
1 x Bath Liquid Solution (500 mL)
1 x DC Power Cord
1 x User’s Manual
1 x 12 Sample Tubes 1 each 422 & 621 Calibration Standards (110 ml)
1 X 530 Calibration Control (110 ml)

To request a material datasheet for this product please call +61 3 9699 8999 (AUS) +64 9 263 9332 (NZ) or complete the product enquiry form on this page.

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