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QuickCheck™ IV/GR

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Accurate, Precise Screening for Added Water in Milk
Testing for adulteration of milk in accordance with current international reference methods (see ISO 5764:2009, IDF 108:2009 and AOAC), the QC-IV/GR provides ultra-accurate results in ~ 90 seconds.

Flexible, Reliable and Affordable!
Confirming consistent quality by testing for extraneous water resulting from accidental or purposeful contamination is important for producing safe, quality product and maintaining brand-name recognition. Rely upon the test the industry has trusted for years: Freezing-Point! The robust, modular construction of the Model QC-IV/GR is designed to provide you with years of dependable service. User-friendly operation ensures that real-time results are ready anytime; on demand! Whether your testing needs are for payment purposes, product development, production monitoring or simply to confirm positives from screening tests, the QuickCheck cryoscope offers steadfast accuracy and unwavering precision to faithfully fulfil a wide variety of requirements.

Quick, Affordable Quality Screening Test
A practical rapid method for confirming the integrity of milk, the QuickCheck provides critical feedback throughout the supply chain, from confirming proper protocol in milking parlor maintenance to completion of system cleaning and/or product changeovers in the dairy plant: Dairy Farmers: Confirm proper milking parlor maintenance (i.e. draining of lines) following cleaning. Screen for excessive condensation in bulk tank. Spot added water that may contain trace minerals that can cause off-flavors. Cheesemakers: Obtain information essential to maintaining consistent quality and realizing optimal yields by testing incoming milk and/or confirming formulation of special milk blends. Small to Mid-Sized Processors: Meet regulatory requirements regarding extraneous water in milk for payment and safety purpose. Ensure the integrity of milk from incoming QC to final QA.

QuickCheck™ IV/GR, Simple, Rapid and Reliable Results for added water in milk

Product Code30/QC-IV/GR

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