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Vikan UST Hand Brush, 176mm, Hard Bristle

Vikan’s Ultra Safe Technology (UST) Hand Brush comes with angled Filament Security Units for optimal cleaning of conveyor belts, production lines, machinery and food-preparation surfaces in high-risk areas. All UST brushes feature a unique bristle system that minimises the risk of contamination and bristle loss. The ergonomically designed brush block prevents slipping out of the hand and reduces wrist strain.

The design and position of the Filament Security Units offer an effective surface contact and enables the user to apply hard pressure directly to the surface being cleaned. The angled bristles effectively clean in corners, junctions and other hard-to reach areas.

Ultra Safe Tech (UST) brushware supersedes resin set brushes – a safer solution

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UST is far superior and safer to a resin set brush

Smooth surface finishes with no acute internal angles, metal staples, or resin, minimising harbourage points for allergens and microorganisms.

Vikan UST Hand Brush, 176mm, Hard Bristle

Dimensions176mm x 65mm x 57mm
MaterialPE / PP
Temperature (°C) 121
Product Code28/UST3891+
FDA ApprovedYES

Ultra Safe Tech (UST) brushware supersedes Vikan’s range of resin set brushes

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