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Get Ready
for a Hygiene Revolution

ULTRA SAFE TECHNOLOGY is part of Vikan’s ambition to create the most secure, safe and hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry.

  • Vikan has reinvented the design and construction of cleaning tools to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and efficiency.
  • Vikan developed UST in close consultation with food industry partners.
  • Features a unique filament retention unit which makes it the safest brushware available globally.


The pattern of the Filament Security Units in each brush head type is designed with regard to its specific cleaning function. The arrangement of the units ensures efficient cleaning.

Hand Brush

Designed for more efficient cleaning in a circular motion.

Broom or Scrub

Designed for more efficient cleaning in a back and forth motion.

Bench Brush

Designed for more efficient cleaning of fine powders and loose debris.

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