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Hand hygiene the proven way

Vikan Hand/Nail Brush

For a hygienic and effective method of cleaning your hands/arms in the workplace.

  • This brush has angled filaments for better access into crevices to remove heavy soil
  • Reaches under the nail area without causing damage to the skin
  • Also ideal for cleaning work benches and cutting boards
  • Comfortable grip with externally angled and rounded surfaces
  • Features a hanging hole for easy storage or linking a stainless steel cable to the wall or sink
  • Our Vikan hand/nail brush is available in all colours for workplace colour coding and organising, to minimise cross contamination and improve workplace safety
  • Meets FDA and EU food contact regulations. Designed and made in Denmark
Hand/Nail brush
Nail/Hand Brush Green
Vikan Nail Brush 130mm Stiff Bristle Small
Hand/Nail Brush
Nail/Hand Brush White
Hand/Nail Brush Yellow
Hand/Nail Brush Orange
Hand/Nail Brush Purple
Nail/Hand Brush

Our nail brush is available in ALL colours to help remove the heavy soil and clean under the fingernails.

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