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Wells & Vikan Food Handling Products Guide

Food Handling Guide

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When Wells and Vikan visits a food processing plant, we see it through a different set of eyes. Where some see equipment and raw materials, we see risks and opportunities. Where some see brushes, brooms and mops. we see solutions to hygiene challenges. Where some say “your work,” we say “your purpose.” Because people who clean these facilities or otherwise work with hygiene are on the front line of keeping our food a delight to serve and safe to eat.

At wells we’ve been looking at the food and beverage plants and other hygiene-sensitive environments in this way since the 1930’s, Through integrity, diligence, ingenuity and drive, we’ve amassed the industry’s biggest bank of hygiene and regulatory insight.

To Wells it is not just about the products, but helping you achieve“best practice” in your facility.

This guide is intended to help you familiarise yourself with the qualities and capabilities that food-handling tools need if they are to do their job effectively. It provides advice, tips and tricks on how best to select, use, clean and maintain your tools.

This makes it easier to identify the colour for hygienic zoning reasons, and also makes it easier to spot the tool itself via the Colour Coding Guide.

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