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Are your cleaning tools food safe?


Food and beverage manufacturers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate compliance with all food safety regulations. Yet ensuring that compliance isn’t always easy.

Keeping track of all the legislation is just one of the challenges the industry faces. For example, in Europe all food and beverage companies need to comply with legislation covering plastic materials in direct contact with food and food contact surfaces. Alternatively – and sometimes additionally – authorities in some markets demand compliance with certain US FDA food contact materials standards.

Ensuring compliance with food contact material requirements is even more challenging when suppliers of articles intended for direct or indirect food contact use (like cleaning tools) are unaware of or neglect the appropriate regulations, or provide poor or confusing compliance documentation.

Vikan take pride in ensuring that their food industry cleaning tools are EU and FDA regulation compliant, as appropriate, and are able to provide all relevant documentation to support this, including (on request) migration test reports and comprehensive declarations of compliance. This information is freely available from the Vikan website or by contacting your Wells Sales Representative on 03 9699 8999 (AUS) or 09 263 9332 (NZ).

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